Hello guys (Ryan)

RyanRyan Posts: 8Community_Member
I'm pretty new to the GG, joining just last week!

I've had great experiences so far on TTT and melonbomber, it's been really fun!

I've got over 800 hours on GMOD across various communities such as;

Resonance Gaming
Titan Servers
Phoenix Gaming

So if any of you ever played on these, you'll probably know me :).

I've got a fair bit of admin experience too on four of those servers (RG, Vi, TXP, PG) which hopefully in the future I can put to good use.

A little bit more about me!

I'm 20 years old from Essex, currently working at Sainsburys as a contract cleaner, a far cry from being an astronaut which was always my dream during school haha!

Looking forward to playing with you all.
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