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Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) Tips and Tricks

Trouble in Terrorist Town puts its players into a scenario where they are a group of terrorists with traitors among their ranks. The innocents must team up to find out who is a dastardly traitor, while the Traitors must kill all the Innocents.
If you’re new to the gamemode, read this for a basic how-to on TTT. For the rules, please see the Basic Rules and the Advanced Rules.

TTT Staff -



Player Roles

Innocent –
  • Innocents must team up to prove their innocence, and to find out who the traitors are.
  • Help the Detective to catch the Traitors by calling them to corpses - the Traitor may have left DNA on it, or other helpful evidence.
  • Identify dead bodies to find out who they were, and how they died. This will make them appear as ‘Confirmed Dead’ in the tab menu.
  • Press tab to bring up a list of players. This list is separated into ‘Terrorists’, ‘Confirmed Dead’ and ‘Spectators’.
Detective –
  • Detectives must find out who the traitors are, and kill them whilst making sure all the innocents survive.
  • Pressing C will open a menu with weapons, shields, and other gadgets to catch the Traitors and protect your fellow Innocents. However, you will only start with 1 credit, so choose wisely. As with traitors, you can pick up credits from bodies. Each Traitor killed will automatically give you a credit as well.
  • As a Detective, you can use your DNA scanner on a corpse to retrieve the DNA of their killer. The DNA decays after a short time, so make sure to be quick to dead bodies!
  • Every round, the detective is able to make one Life Check which must be advertised in the global chat, via pressing Y. Anyone who does not respond and say that they're alive, will be KOSed. Only one Life Check can be performed each round, meaning that if there is more than one detective in the game, then another detective cannot make another Life Check. You should use this command strategically amongst your fellow Detectives.
Traitors –
  • Traitors must kill all of the innocents, at any cost.
  • Pressing C will open a menu of weapons, radar, and other tools to help kill all of the Innocents. You will start with 2-3 credits to spend, but you will get more from killing innocents and from your fallen fellow traitors.
  • You are outnumbered 3 to 1, so you must be sneaky, to avoid detection.
  • The detective is your greatest threat - aim to kill them first, and make sure their DNA scanner does not fall into innocent hands.
  • Hold your sprint key to communicate with your fellow Traitors via voice. One can also press U to type to them secretly.
  • Players that are killed, but their bodies have not been identified will appear as ‘Missing in Action’ on your tab menu - use this to your advantage as innocents will think they are still alive.
The Rules

Terminology -
  • RDM - This means “Random Deathmatch” and refers to players killing/attacking other players for no reason..
  • Slay - A staff member can slay you either at the start of the round or mid-game. This kills you instantly and prevents you from playing until the next round starts.
  • Aslay/auto-slay - A staff member can add an auto-slay, which will kill you at the start of the next round. More than one auto-slay will kill you at the start of however many rounds is specified.
  • Kick - You will be disconnected from the server, and will have to rejoin.
  • Ban - you will be unable to join the server, either for a set period of time or permanently.
  • Prop Killing - The act of using a prop held by your Magneto-stick to kill or cause damage to other players.
  • Prop Surfing - Abusing props to lift players into the air.
TTT Events
  • Team Deathmatch - This event splits players into two teams, Detectives & Traitors. Each team must fight against each other until one player from one of the Teams is remaining.

  • Stalker - This event is inspired from Hidden: Source. This is a normal round of TTT with the same objectives. The only difference is that the Traitors are disguised (You cannot see their name when you look at them) and are barely visible with a faint yellow outline. They are also equipped with their only weapon, a knife. They can walk faster and also have the ability to long jump. When the Traitors have taken damage or have swung the knife, they are now as visible as they would usually be and will stay in this state for a couple of seconds, until they're back to being only partially visible. This makes things very easy for Innocents to pick out who the Traitors are, so that they can eliminate them as quickly as possible to win.

  • Shuffle Deathmatch - Players are split into detectives and traitors, but killing a player makes them part of your team. Everyone has three lives.

  • Dodgeball - This event splits players into two teams (Detectives and Traitors) and equips them with dodge balls.

  • Headshot War - The true demonstration of skill; everyone is given desert eagle and only headshots count.

  • Bighead - Makes everyone's head bigger for a round!

  • Deathmatch - This event is a Free For All, where everyone is a Traitor and must slaughter everyone they see in their path!

  • Chaos - This event is a Free For All, however everyone is equipped with the most dangerous and powerful weapons and tools from the T Menu! This gamemode was courtesy of @MCDude16 coming up with the idea for a new TTT Event.
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