Halloween Event - 17/10/15 - 01/11/15

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Our Halloween Event starts tomorrow!

Both TTT and Jailbreak will host many Halloween-themed activities during the event. Players will be able to win special Halloween accessories in the Pointshop by competing in the activities and succeeding in challenges. There will also be points given away too.

Play on our servers for your chance to win!



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    Some mini-games to be expected in Jailbreak are:

    Pass the Parcel (Trick or Treat)
    Wink Murder (Werewolf)
    Find the prop
    Halloween Joke days
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    In TTT - Some rounds may be a *Halloween Round* where prizes may be won, regardless of role (but the rules will remain the same). You don't have to get the higher score, just be funny and/or creative in your role for that round. This will happen

    Oh no! You're trapped in an area and there appears to be a serial killer on the loose! It's like basically every scary movie/story.

    Traitors - String up deceased players bodies and/or otherwise try to kill other players in a scary way. Creativeness = prizes!

    Detectives - you're trying to catch the scary bad guy. Why not reference some movies? Or speak only in cliches or puns. Try and be the lead role in your own horror movie.

    Innocents - Be the damsel in distress.
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    Or (for all you ttt bots) enable action_36
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