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EmmerickEmmerick Posts: 76Community_Member
Why the fuck are there people ingame.


  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Presuming you still live in The Netherlands, that's 04:25 for everyone in the UK. Still unreasonable...
  • KitKatKateKitKatKate Posts: 1,633Community_Member
    They could be in different time zones themselves though?
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    They could be from the United States, which makes it very normal for them to play a game.
  • EmmerickEmmerick Posts: 76Community_Member
    I don't know in what time zone they are. But I was shocked to see it when I checked my steam at 05:25 lol.
  • ProtoNephilim_WouterProtoNephilim_Wouter Posts: 25Community_Member
    What are you even thinking being up that late @Emmerick‌!
  • 6 days later
  • EmmerickEmmerick Posts: 76Community_Member
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    So I don't get why bilingual people have their everything in the language they don't tend to talk in when online...
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    Because it's their primary language?

    I wouldn't join a French gaming community and set my computer to French
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Wait I got confused..

    I was thinking in the way you described above. It tends to take me until midday to properly wake up :S
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    @Officially‌ When you are that familiar with both languages you can just switch instantly. For instance I am not bothered to change the language of my game when it automatically installed it in Dutch. I just keep it like that. If I am talking to someone about a game, my English is good enough to quickly translate it.

    So for me that is the reason I don't really care if something is in Dutch or English. I don't get confused by that.
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Okay. I get confused because I'm not fluent in two languages. I wish I could say I was...
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    @Officially‌ I bet you can do other things we Dutchies can't. Like...riding a bicycle...damn we are pro at that as well...uhm...iceskating...damn...pro at that as well...uhm well you get my point :P
  • EmmerickEmmerick Posts: 76Community_Member
    Officially I'm not that fluent in two languages. Ofcourse in Dutch I am since it's my native language but I dont like talking in eng because of my accent and because I dont feel like I can speak it well enough. I understand everything tho. When you are born in a non english speaking country you automatically will become bilingual since everything on the internet is pretty much english.
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    @Emmerick‌ I had that fear in the beginning as well. I was afraid to actually speak English instead of typing it. But eventually I just started using a mic and it is amazing how much progress I made within a month back then. An because I spoke so much English I got rid of a part of my Dutch accent.
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