She nyn mea diu ooilley!

zoner9zoner9 Posts: 9Community_Member
To translate my title fairly literally, from the Manx Gaelic language 'Hello everybody!' I'm zoner9 - been a part of GG for about a year? (stat tracking will say otherwise) started out on the deathrun server, then moved onto the TTT server after finding a much more lively crowd to play with. Only now have I decided to introduce myself to the wider GG audience (PEGI rating pending).

I'm 21 and a Physics with Forensic Applications student at Nottingham Trent University, so that means I know how far away to stand when I kill you, and how to get rid of all the evidence >:3 (I wouldn't really, unless I'm a playing Traitor in TTT)

I'm a somewhat boisterous person when I'm screaming profanities and other such nonsense down a microphone, but when I'm in a group of people irl you might not even hear me talk once - unless I know everyone in the group. When I'm not playing Gmod, you can most likely find me playing payday 2 as part of a crew me and some friends from Uni put together - if any of you live in Nottingham, and see someone walking around in a bright green hoodie (the kind of green you see on tennis balls and high-vis jackets), then chances are it's me!

If you want to know anything more about me, feel free to message me on steam - zoner9
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