I like to murder stuff

MurderousDuckMurderousDuck Posts: 20Community_Member
Hey Im Murderous Duck! Im a 6 month converted GGist. I joined this community in search of another cult who could satisfact my killing intentions. And u boyz helped me out :3

On to the serious stuff. My name is Francisco, im 17 and live in Portugal. I like to play games (pff who doesnt?) I am currently studying programming. For anyone who knows it, I program in C and will be learnin C# soon. K, moving on, my favourite game series is probs kingdom hearts. I loved playing it. Im into anime and manga. Prefer manga tho. Yeah... Also I have pokemanz :3. I play Gmod, minecraft, league, Heroes of the storm (really badly but not everyone is Rackior), I play Heartstone (I play well, kicked Rackiors butt. Dont kill me Rackior plss) and I can play games with guyz if you want as long as its free. Cause I has no monyz. (But no one wants to play with me anyway :C)

Im currently up for hire. So if you have a joe you want to kill just give me a beep. 20 euros each hit. Ill do it for free if its joe.

(This was never meant to be serious so ignore the first bit in line 3)
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