Hello I'm, Mr. Nipples

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Good Day,

My names Peter or as some of your may know me from the TTT server - 690 Quadrillion Nipples. I'm 18 from the UK and I'm a really chilled out guy, I absolutely love the GG community it's honestly the most accepting and welcoming community I've seen in a very very long time. I currently have over 35 hours playtime on the GG TTT Server and I'm going to be playing throughout the summer holidays. Playing on the TTT Server I've made quite a few friends, Ant-Pool, Meerkat, Inge, Saintnikolai, SGT Wataz, Blodos, Daniel.dunbar, Erin, Bananabread, LippyCreeper And Massdefender (Sorry If I missed anyone) They're all awesome people and I've been given a few "Nicknames" so to speak by Inge, Some of which are , "Sir Nipples And Mr Nipples" (Hence my forum name) But anyways this has beeen a huge introduction, I just want to Say Hello and thank you to everyone for being so acceptive and welcoming me to the community (Especially the Janitors on TTT)
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