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  • Goodbye Game Servers

  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    I think we'd all rather let them be shutdown. :)
  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    Hi, bit late to the party aren't I? So, I've not been around too long on GG but that doesn't stop me saying it was awesome, the early days of JB in the summer with the ZunWolf adoption centre were amazing, the first (Of too many bloody times) as Jan under our Lord And Saviour JB man were truly hilarious to be around (Plus Antidote was there so that good). I could go on with some stupid reminiscing about Panda being a traitor, Shewolf being a mother and Borothy being a server slayer but I'll end with this- Thank you to everyone who made GG special place.
  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    fun while it lasted tbh, thanks for hosting the servers. @NICHOLLTRON will always be a fatty
  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    So yeah,
    This isn't easy for me to write even though i get told on a daily basis that the community has been dead for a while. It doesn't make this easier. As of today i have decided to stop renewing the GG gamer servers. The servers are mostly unpopulated, the players are sparse and the staff are demotivated. And that's fine. This was going to happen and i just kept putting it off for months now. But i cannot afford to keep doing this anymore. The servers have never been a massive strain on me financially but they have been somewhat of a burden. a burden i didn't mind, but then the stress came from my personal life and the stress of the servers, and i can't do it anymore. I wanted to make it to November, Make it another year and be proud. But realistically thats not going to happen.

    So this is it. As of this weekend i will be shutting off the garrysmod servers. BUT this is not the end of the Gentlemen Gamers name, i will be keeping the teamspeak going as this is my only point of contact with people in the community. I will always been on teamspeak, looking for games to play and people to talk to. You are all welcome to stay as well and socialise as a community.

    So I guess I should say Thank You to any and all staff that have helped moderate over the years, To name but a few:

    @BobinRasterds, @Jonny and @munchkinater - Although i very much doubt these guys will ever see this post, thank you for building GG with Joe in the beginning. I know we never really got on and that's mostly because i came in a broke all your toys when i took over, so for that sorry.

    @Inge, @Ace , @grey Thank you for being awesome Managers back in the day, you may not have been the most efficient but my god we had some laughs. i will always call you guys my friends. I have met @ace a couple of times and each time was a great time. @inge has always been there for me even if she had to stab me in the back a few times to get me on the straight and narrow.

    @Visenya, @Erincl, @MeerkatSqueak , @coutini, @Princess_shadow, @Borthy, @Zunni, @Portal, @Angi, @Rose, @Djharper @NICHOLLTRON and a shit tonne of other admins i have probably missed.
    You guys worked hard as janitor and even harder as admins, most of you i would call a friend and the rest i wish i had played more games with you.

    @Shewolf, @TheUmpire and @Oriichilari
    Thank you for being awesome admins in your own right and im sorry i didnt warn you about this post

    and just a massive thank you to the players who have ever played on the servers, even if you got banned xD

    and a bigger thank you to anyone who has ever donated, you donations have only ever been used to run the servers and i would not have been able to push on as i have done with out you.

    and there is just one more person who i owe a thank you to and probably one of the biggest apologies to.

    @joe.aldred - Thank you. not fluffing or bullshit here, thank you. you was a fun player, a great janitor and even better admin and a great manager. you have helped this community more than any player or owner, You have made this community what it is today and i hope you will come on teamspeak one day and we can have a game or two of something,

    I know i havnt been the best owner and i know i havnt done anything meaningful but this community was one of the best things in my life and i never wanted it to end. but thank you.

    But Like i have said, the teamspeak isnt going anywhere and the forums will always be here, so feel free to stay but i wont be offended if you leave

    Lots of Love
    John Martin
    Sonic Cloud
    Ex-Game Server Owner

    p.s just because i have given like 20 different answers to this question. I am 24 years old
  • What is the best game in the world?

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is not on there so now I will sit in the corner and whisper to my n64
  • Discord server?

    Shewolf is on the floor after having a to many sweets
    Zunnniii PUT ME TO BED!!
  • Discord server?

    *pssttt its Shewolf on Zunnis PC. I infomred you - not him. Hes getting drunk
  • A small video of people from GG playing CS:GO

    Others use carving knives for Turkey, this Christmas I will be using mine to gouge out my eyes after reading this. Oh and can we ban black lights from Sonic's office, I don't think we need to see the scene of 18+ horror...
  • A small video of people from GG playing CS:GO

    im fine with this just ask @inge