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  • Goodbye Game Servers

    I will miss the sever i have not been on for like 7 months
  • The FINAL Bee Thread

    So as many of you know, the GG servers are coming to a close. Therefore, for one last time, I will be starting a bee thread. Post your bees here, please. :bz NeverForget

  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    @Kodi It's been nearly 2-3 years and you still haven't learnt grammar :( I know that we've all had our ups and downs with everyone in the community but I don't ever regret coming to GG as I've made some great friends and have had a lot of fun and had great memories of playing on the servers so for what it was worth I won't ever forget my time here :3 P.S. Fuck off @Panda ;)

  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    Feel like I should join in :P so here it goes:
    Gentlemen Gamers for me has allowed me to meet so many amazing people to which I am forever grateful for, I have become a part of what I feel to be a second family and one I hope never ends. Even with all the stress that these servers have caused, I have loved being a part of it. I hope for those who may not wish to stay in contact with myself, I wish you the best with everything. Thankyou to those who made me feel welcome, dealt with my singing, my anger, my (as some call) chipmunk/hiccup laugh and my lack of gaming skills.

    Keep in touch guys, I am always here.
    The one and only
    Borthy Wan Kenobi xxx
  • Gentlemen Gamers Last Week!

    @Kodi lol. But yeah I spent a lot of my days on TTT and will always love GG for all the good (and bad) memory's! It is where I made a lot of friends... so Gentleman Gamers will be missed! :o
  • Ok, i warned you

    Well I did warn everyone GG is gonna crash and burn, and yes I was right now everyone can paypal me £54 for the slave costs of populating
  • TTT voting powers?

    So wait a minute....... Id revive isnt a thing in TTT... what exactly is it you want trusteds to have access to, @ShootingStar ???

    Sounds like beef, taking bets (Must be over £5 at least).
  • Understaffed

    @Inge #IngeForTTTJan? #reunion #bringbackthedutchforce
  • [TTT]The hate I have for 'Gun holstering'

    @Sonic_Cloud I don't have an issue with him? I don't have an issue with anyone here...

    As a matter of fact, I have faith in every single person in this thread, not to mention every single person on the staff team, including those who have retired. Part of my faith is expectations.

    Looking back my post about Harper seems heavily directed at @TheUmpire and I would like to apologize, the post was intended not to show my lack of faith in you Umpire, but rather my interest in @Djharper 's ideas and suggestions, as it appears to me that Harper has (refer to DJ post) the mentality for coming up with good ideas.

    First Umpire, you said something vague, then tried to roast me. I understand why, but we are all here to be constructive, not to take blows at each other like little children. I don't see how you thought it would be a good idea to insult my project on hiatus which I have put 40+ hours into. I would never do that to anyone else here, I know you all work much harder than I do.

    Let it never be said that I have an issue with anyone here, I'm a friendly person but my criticisms are written truthfully, constructively and bluntly. I don't beat around the bush or sugar coat anything, I say what needs to be said. While I can safely say that I have no intent to harm, it's up to you to interpret what I say.

    Would anyone, like me to clarify anything?
    I mean that sincerely, if you want me to clarify or talk about any other point, please don't be afraid to say so here or in a private message.